The time has come! The weather is going to get colder any time soon, so be prepared, be inspired and choose your favorite trends for this fall/winter!!!

We present to you 9+1 Trends to Follow this Fall/Winter!

Let’s get started!!!


  1. Grey Monochrome: Simple, Classy and you can never go wrong with this outfit!

grey monochrome 3 grey monochrome 4

2. Mini Skirt: Show your legs please!!

mini skirt 2 mini skirt 5


3. High Waisted Trousers: Say goodbye to wide leg trousers..!! The new era has begun!!

high waist1 high waist3


4. Red Tartan: Red (tartan) details during the winter could make you smile!! What about a total Red Tartan outfit..?

red tartan 1 red tartan 3


5. Victorian Sense: Romantic and Playful! Try it!

victorian 1 victorian 3


6. New military..NAVY!: More Sophisticated and Elegant.

navy 2 navy 4


7. Twiggy Style: 60’s dresses are back! Enjoy!

60's 1 60's 3


8. Capes All Over: This fall you can still wrap yourself in your favorite cape and smile!

cape 2 cape 4


9. Oversized Earrings: Pay attention! BIG HIT!

earrings 1 earrings 2


+1. 80’s Punk: Leather, studs, Punk attidute and fresh style!

80's punk5 80's punk6



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