Body Talk Philosophy

In 1996 a new athletic clothing company: Body Talk was introduced to the Greek Market. Its product held a new and contemporary philosophy. Quality, Comfort and a Style that would highlight the sex appeal of anyone’s body, was a combination that was amiss at the time, in the market place. It was not just another typical athletic product; it was a product of desire.

Body Talk began with a small store in the center of Athens; in time it grew and spread, to become rapidly growing branches of many stores and Franchises.

The company’s rationale revolves around bold and spunky innovative ideas. Its workforce is composed of mainly younger age groups who bring about its freshness.

The successful combinations of color, the quality materials used and style combining the extreme and classic, made the difference.

Body Talk finally gains its own fan club that grew to become today’s fanatically demanding consumers.

Times have now become very demanding and so time saving; practical qualities have come about in consumers.

Due to its constant awareness of trend and fashion, Body Talk has the ability to go with the flow.

The company is steadily and carefully growing always taking into account its consumers needs, new young co-workers are carefully recruited and the fresh innovative ideas are constantly flowing in.

The Body Talk women consumers are all the more enthusiastic with the constant improvement on the modern styles, fit and texture which ensures their life long trust and devotion in our products.

The Body Talk men consumers feel free to indulge new dynamic trends and colors, which liberate them from the old and worn classic designs.

Body Talk’s dynamic entrance in the athletic market has made the difference.


We propose the payment on line by credit card (Mastercard, Visa)

Delivery to Greece is free of charge for orders that exceed 40€.
Delivery to any other European country is 10.00€ via TNT.
For orders that exceed 100€ shipping is free.
The packages will be delivered via TNT.
For any country outside the EU the shiping cost is 30€.


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