At Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2016 show, the models were a step ahead of the  audience as they came out armed with iPhones, all with  cases to coordinate with their Italian-luxe looks, already snapping themselves.

The front row were treated to large screen projectors that, in real time, showed the selfies being taken by the models as they walked the catwalk. Doubling up in purpose, selfies were a source of amusement but also enabled the guests to see a close up of the highly-detailed clothes and accessories.

Dolce & Gabbana’s spring/summer 2016 show was a perfect lesson in how to make the selfie work for you next season. The tricks on how to keep it chic? See Dolce & Gabbana’s best selfies here:

dolce-&-gabanna-1-vogue-28sep15-insta_b_426x639 dolce-&-gabanna-2-vogue-28sep15-insta_b_426x639 dolce-&-gabanna-3-vogue-28sep15-insta_b_426x639 dolce-&-gabanna-4-vogue-28sep15-insta_b_426x639 dolce-&-gabanna-vogue-28sep15_b_426x639 dolce-&-gabanna-vogue-28sep15-insta_b_426x639




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