Fullah Sugah is an international fashion retailer developing a global network of Fullah Sugah stores.
Clothes, shoes, bags and fashion accessories…for the contemporary woman!

The story behind Skondras Fashion & Accessories commences in the historical centre of the city of Athens 32 years ago. Silk scarves from Greece and around the world, where fine, precious silk are woven, are showcased in the first store; the clientele consisted of men and women who take delight in the texture of high quality silk and uses the exquisite scarves to complement their beauty and create unique appearances at that time.

The company partnered stores in other areas of Athens too as well as throughout Greece, and through this collaboration its scarves become available to men and women who pay special attention to their appearance by adding minor details to their ensembles which nevertheless makes all the difference. The popular Fullah Sugah brand is launched a few years later and through a complete range of fashionable women’s accessories becomes a leader in the fashion accessories industry.

This is what significantly diversifies the company in the market and ranks it amongst the major women’s accessories suppliers in Greece. Nowadays, Fullah Sugah-branded products can be found in more than 35 stores all over Greece as well as in various other countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In 2008, the Fullah Sugah e-shop is launched at www.fullahsugah.gr.


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  • Credit Card
  • Debit or Prepaid Card
  • Paypal
  • Bank Deposit

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