The “Salt & Pepper” house, which is located in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, was renovated by KUBE Architecture office for a couple in their 70’s!

This specific home marks a start for the homeowners who decided to get married during the construction process. Everything from the original house was removed leaving just the brick walls, structural frame and the outdoor space.

The color palette of the house was defined by the couple’s love for cooking and art collecting. White walls and black steel are included, inspired by salt and pepper and immerse pop up of color mainly in furniture and art pieces.

The design team proceeded in many construction changes in the building’s shell so as to fulfill the owners’ whishes. The second floor, at the back of the house, was removed to allow a double-height living and dining room, which opens up to the garden and also a new steel structure replaced the back wall allowing large panels of windows.

Aging was taken into account during the design and the architects made sure to include things like an open shower with roll-in access and grab bars in the master bathroom. A central core houses all service spaces, including an elevator for easy access to all floors and circulation around it.

Our favorite part of the house is the seating area located on the upper level, overlooking the living room and dining room and the amazing outdoors view.

This house is an excellent example of showing us how design, taste and “loving life” attitude have no age. We hope this couple live many years more to enjoy this amazing, cozy and extremely tasteful house.

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