When George Kougioumtzopoulos, arriving to Athens from Instabul, started doing business in 1910, he could never imagine that he would be creating a company that after 105 years would constitute the benchmark. “Time Center SA” was founded in 1910 , starting the distribution of branded watches in the Greek market. Continuing the tradition, it is one of the most reliable watches companies in Greece, representing branded pieces of watches.

The company’s goal is to support its customers and products effectively, to continuously improve its services and of course enrich its product range following the market trends. It is very important that all products are covered by international warranty. In addition, collections of brands represented by “Time Center” covers a wide range of preferences. We specifically hold hold the exclusive distribution of following firms for Greece:
Marc Ecko

Timecentershop.gr is the e-shop version of the company’s retail store at Vouli 16 in the Syntagma Square.

Payment Methods

  • Deposit to a bank account
  • Using your credit card
  • Paypal
  • Cash on delivery via Courier you deliver your order.

Free shipping in Greece







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