Is this mocking the very trend of ‘contouring’ mostly known by Kim Kardashian’s makeup routine?Or it’s just a notice about what Hollywood trends can do to young women who are already perfect but feel that they need all this amount of foundation to change them into something plastic and unreal?


Makeup artist Inge Grognard, from MAC Cosmetics, explained that designer Shayne Oliver got inspired by YouTube tutorials about this makeup.
The whole collection was inspired by plastic surgeries so this look is to fit this idea.

Even though people think that this look was a joke on the expense of Kim Kardashian, Grognard explained that this was ‘a theatre technique’.

The result of this unblended contouring was to mimic a scarry face before cosmetic surgery.


Hood By Air tried the same concept on the hair and nails.
They used the zig zag treatment to mimic a scar.A hairstyle that defined middle-school in the 90’s.We all got our zig zag done at least once!


The character behind the idea of Band-Aids was ‘This girl, she cut her cuticle and thought it would be fabulous to cover them all.Shes is thinking, i’m not going to wear one Bad-Aid!That would be ratchet!’ nail artist Mar y Sol said.

The models looked strong and seemed that there was no intention to judge.The main point of this look was to raise awareness about how people look like when contouring is not done the right way.Maybe it is time to invest in good blending brushes..

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