The aim of «We Create Harmony»,, is to create a group of young and talented people who believe that the “whole” is more powerful than just a “part” and that through each person’s development there must be positive externalities for the others as well. Those positive externalities therefore emerge as directly as possible, since within the retail prices, 5% to 10% goes directly to specific NGOs.

«We Create Harmony» employs and supports emerging designers’ clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories and other items. For a young designer it is almost impossible to make direct retailing through his own e-shop or a physical shop. The required knowledge and know-how is mostly not present, anyway. «We Create Harmony» fits that exact role and spot: it provides the know-how, in such a way that the designer’s profit is tripled compared with what would have been the case if wholesale whose the regular pricing model. On the “other side”, consumers have access to specific aesthetic and quality products that are preselected with strict criteria by our team. Furthermore, they are able to support NGO and relevant social movements though just a simple product.

The ant, which is our company logo, is a small organism which works hard and in the context of an organized team, it creates a very powerful “whole”. Just like ants working together to improve their chances of survival, so do we at the «We Create Harmony» team, when working as several separate units forming a unique way to achieve better results as a whole. The ant ,therefore, symbolizes hard work, synergy, the “strength in unity” and generally how «We Create Harmony» perceives the term ‘partnership’.

The «We Create Harmony» Team.


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International shipping is carried out by DHL Express Worldwide. Once a product is selected and added to cart, the first step of the checkout process involves a “get a shipping quote” application – at this point you will receive a quote based on the destination the product is to be shipped. Estimated delivery time is approximately one (1) to five (5) working days after dispatch date. Estimated delivery times are to be used a guide only.

Shipping within Greece is carried out by ACS courier (express) and a flat rate of five (5) euros is applied for shipping services with every order. Within this price (only for Greece) we also provide a Cash on Delivery service. Estimated delivery time is one (1) working day after dispatch date. Estimated delivery times are to be used a guide only.












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