The time has come! The weather is going to get colder any time soon, so be prepared, be inspired and choose your favorite trends for this fall/winter!!!

We present to you 9+1 Trends to Follow this Fall/Winter (part b’)

Let’s get started!!!

1. High Boots: Because you can be sexy & chic!

high 3 high 4


2. Cullotes: Sophisticated! For tall (or medium height) girls only!!

culotte 1 culotte 2


3. Bohemian 70’s look: Feel free..”Loose” yorself!!!

bohemian 2 bohemian 3


4. Fringe: Embrace your wild side!!!

fringe 1 fringe 4


5. Bomber Jacket: Yes! They are back! Shinier than ever!

bomber 1 bomber 4


6. Pussy Bow: Feminine energy..!

bow 3 bow 4


7. Tights: Now you are ready to show your legs!! Choose wisely!

tights 1


8. Power Furs: You can’t be cold in this outfit!!

fur 1 fur 3


9. Crop tops-Layering: So elegant! Perfect for any occasion!

crop tops 2 crop tops1


+1: Bold Color Geometry: For Daring Girls..Keep the rest of the outfit minimal!

bold1 bold2





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