Sarah from Palm Trees and Heels who is also from Belgium ( started her beauty and fashion blog as a way to express herself. Her cute and bubbly personality is truly evident in her blog posts and  today she shares with us what her daily essentials are!


“As for my daily essentials I mainly selected things which I use on a daily basis.

For example, it’s kind of difficult for me leaving the house without any eyeliner or mascara. I’m currently using MAC black eyeliner and a good mascara by Maybelline.

I also have a pair of sunglasses with me, just in case I start looking a bit tired after a long day of work. Sunglasses can definitely be a life saver in various situations from time to time.

Another daily essential is my personalised coffee mug. If there’s one important part of my breakfast routine, it must be coffee. I really love personalised stuff so this mug with my blogger name on it is just perfect!

My iPhone is probably the most valuable thing in this picture and I have to admit I’m a real iPhone addict. Reading emails, checking Instagram & Facebook, reading comments on my blog… I always have it with me.

Being a personal style blogger, having a good camera is quite important too.

Finally, I love leaving the house with a pretty bag I can rely on. Also when I’m on a shopping trip, I will need my wallet too, unless I am taking my boyfriend with me, of course. ;-)”



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